Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy and Vanguard high school
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Why a Classical Education?
Welcome to CMCA & The Vanguard School

Thank you for visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy (CMCA) / Vanguard School Web site. The mission of Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy and The Vanguard School is to help guide students in development of their character and academic potential through academically rigorous, content-rich educational programs.  We believe that excellence in character and excellence in academics go hand in hand, and we strive to achieve our mission by having a coherent, aligned K-12 program in both areas.

While our approach differs according to the students’ maturity level, we teach virtue and foster strong character using the same basic methods across the grades.  We define the virtues and positive character traits so we share a common understanding among all students and staff; we intentionally model virtue and character in all that we do; we use “stories” in literature and history to highlight examples of virtue; we create events to acknowledge and reward displays of good character; we hold a high standard of character and civility and address failures in these areas when they arise; and we unambiguously teach that there are objective rights and wrongs and that virtue is not simply what feels right at the time.

Our academic program is similarly aligned.  In every grade, outstanding, dedicated teachers nurture our students and bring the subject matter to life.  Our elementary students (K-6) benefit from the combination of Direct Instruction and the Core Knowledge® curriculum.  Taught using the most effective techniques for learning fundamental facts and skills, this content provides our students with the foundation of knowledge required for success at higher academic levels.  Our Junior High program builds on this base of knowledge while intentionally preparing our students for the higher level learning and the different rigors and responsibilities of high school.  Direct instruction methods continue to be used as appropriate, but students are also encouraged to apply information learned in new contexts.  The Vanguard School, our high school program, instructs students in a classical liberal arts and sciences curriculum that is purposefully coordinated to connect the various disciplines while building upon itself from one year to the next.  Our goal for our students is that upon graduation they are able to use the knowledge, skills, and abilities attained at our school to respond effectively to new and unique situations of both an academic and character nature for the rest of their lives.

Of course, we don’t expect learning and growing to stop after graduation, and we prepare our students exceptionally well to achieve admittance to the college of their choice. The foundation laid at CMCA / Vanguard prepares students to find success in whatever they choose to do after high school and to navigate the potential pitfalls that are so plentiful in the many arenas of the larger world.

Students at CMCA / The Vanguard School work hard.  Success in anything is not easy, and successfully achieving something as important as excellence in personal character and academics is no exception. Such worthy ends require dedication, perseverance, and humility.  The rewards, however, far outweigh the investment of student and parent.  Our students achieve recognition for excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics.  They earn admission to prestigious colleges and scholarships to help pay for it.  Most importantly, at every level, they earn the self-confidence that comes with mastery of skills and knowledge and one’s self.

Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy / The Vanguard School is a tuition-free K-12 Colorado Springs charter school that serves students from across the Pikes Peak region.  We exist for any family who believes in our mission and is dedicated to the rigorous work of helping us achieve it for their child.

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Best of the Springs - 2015
 Colorado Department of Education
2013 John Irwin School of Excellence (Grades K-12)
2013 Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award (High School)
2013 ESEA Reward School (Elementary School)

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